Rebranding! Abladzo Kwame Changes Name To “Kwame Ye”, Drops Promo Photos To Spark New Journey

Abladzo Kwame was a loud name for fans of Rap until the Rapper decided to go into hiatus and rebrand. He returns with a new name, Kwame Ye, and also shares new promotional photos to kick off his new found journey.

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About Kwame Ye:
Stemming from a culture of hardcore hiphop and street rap, Kwame Ye, as he loves to be called in the showbiz circles is unapologetic about his style and presentation of rap culture.

Born as Klu Frank, he hails from the Volta Region of Ghana; but primarily grew up in Adenta, a suburb of Greater-Accra where he got inspired to start music as a hobby from childhood. With an unflinchingly real-life perspective, he would be found delivering rap with a gruff rasp influenced by UK ‘Grime’ and ‘rusty’ beat compositions to fit his style of lyrics.

Kwame Ye is a co- founder of a music clique called Kings Capital Music Group (KCMG).

“I fell in love with art as the days crept, adding more years to my infant self; and while I grew up, my style and passion got influenced more by my peers and lovers of my music; this pushed me more to work more music, write more music, record more music and perform them as well across different stage. Music became a powerful tool for me to express myself effortlessly”, Kwame Ye intimated. He was formerly known as Abladzo Kwame, and would later pick Kwame ye as his newly found space after a new dawn of transformation and revitalisation.

“HipLife and Highlife were my foundation and first influences; both served as therapeutic sounds for me and led me into producing and writing my own music, and exploring other styles (genres)”, he added.

“I would say my style of music is a Fusion of Rap and Afro-Soul; and to keep my origins I use a lot of my native dialect, Ewe, for almost every song I churn out” – Kwame Ye.

Kwame Ye recorded his first song with Skillions (a Ghana-based music clique cum label) at their recording studio titled “Bossu”, featured on by Boynash, a London-based Ghanaian Rapper.

Kwame ye has scored some feats working with notable Ghanaian artistes like Edem, Gemini Orleans, Nektunez, just to name a few. He also doubles a Fashion Designer who pieces together all kinds of fabrics, creatively, as another form of gifted art.

His global influences? Kanye West, Akon, Lil Wayne, Da Hammer, Nektunez fall on his list of favourites he gets inspired by with their works.

Check out these new promo photos he shares with fans and the media:

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